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We always aim to meet your requirements; we can collect your order at your house or at a prearanged place. Similarly, we aim to meet your requirements upon delivery. We usually collect/deliver between 6.00 – 22.00 hrs. We always contact the client by phone in advance to determine the most suitable time for collection and/or for delivery.
The shipping costs depend on place of collection or delivery in the UK (or in Belgium). We do not distinguish between collection/delivery addresses in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic. The shipping rate can be found in our price list.
We regularly update „nearest transport dates“ information on our website. You can submit your order no later than 6 days prior to our departure from the country.
Our shipping company aims to fulfill requirements of all our clients to the maximum extent. If you have a special requirement, please send us an email us or contact us by phone. We would welcome to be contacted in advance, so we can agree to collect the consignment in a timely manner, suitable for both parties.
Our company transports all kinds of baggage including suitcases, backpacks, bags with allowed contents (contents not excluded from transportation). We also transport motorcycles, bicycles, furniture and other miscellaneous items that fulfil the criteria for transfer.
When packing your consignment, please make sure that it cannot be damaged when being handeled or cause the damage to other consignments. We recommend solid cardboard packaging (box), suitcase, travel bags, transport solid bags or bubble wrap.
You can pay upon collection or delivery, we only accept cash payments in EUR, CZK (Czech Crowns), or GBP.
All consignments are insured against damage or theft.

In case you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us:
UK mobile number: (+44) 07904 477 319 
SK mobile number: (+421) 0948 129 277
e-mail: info@ertrans.sk

MV Parcel – shipping and delivery service for everyone

  Cheap, fast and reliable transportation and delivery of parcels, packages and goods from England to Slovakia, Czech Republic and back.

  No unnecessary handling, or transhipment reducing the risk of damage

  Special rates apply when moving home. Home delivery, or collection at prearanged place.

  Shipments of all types of luggage including suitcases, backpacks, bags with allowed content for carriage

  Shipments tracking through direct contact with your courier.

ER trans

  Topoľčianska 77, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia

   mobil SK: (+421) 0948 129 277

  mobil UK: (+44) 07904 477 319

  e-mail: info@ertrans.sk

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