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ER-TRANS Ltd. is governed by Transport Conditions regulating the Highway shipments in accordance with the provisions of §610 and subsequently in accordance with Commercial Code (Contract of Carriage).

Definition of Terms

Carrier - namely ER-TRANS registered in ORSR as Parcel service, s.r.o.  based at Topoľčianska 77, 949 01 Nitra and all other participating carrier companies and agents.
Sender – private entity, firm, or company ordering consignment shipment services
Recipient/Consignee – private entity, firm, or company appointed as recipient on a Consignment Note
Consignment – package, letter, document or other freight intended to be collected and subsequently transported. Consignment must be accompanied by a Consignment Note
Consignment Note –  means document, further specifying the consignment. The Consignment Note can have multiple sheets, and may also apply to more packages.
Shipping rates and cost („Prepravné“) – the amount of money that has been previously agreed betweeen carrier and sender. The price is determined by weight, place of collection and by mode of transport.

Your order

The order can be made in person, by e-mail, or (in exceptional cases) by SMS. It is very important to state correct contact details: name, complete address, sender’s and recipient’s telephone number.


For reliable transportation of goods,  that is our motto, we require that:  
The contents of the shipment have been prepared and packed safely and carefully by the sender to protect against the ordinary risks of transport including any associated sortation and/or handling process.
The contents of the shipment have been correctly labelled and label has been securely fixed by you in a prominent position on the outer surface of the shipment that can be clearly visible.
In case of a damage to the contents of the shipment due to inapropriate packing and/or labeling sender takes full responsibility.

The sender‘s and consignee’s full address post code must be correctly entered on an adress label and visibly placed on the outer surface of the shipment.

Sender’s obligations

Sender takes responsibility for:

  • Adequate, travelproof packaging,
  • marking fragile goods,
  • stating correct details that must be also recorded on a consignment note,
  • contents of the consignment are acceptable (not excluded from the carriage)

Consignee’s obligations

Recipient is subjected to:

  • Check that consignment is without any damage and complete,
  • accept the consignment undamaged.

Collection and delivery

1. MV Parcel representative/courier collects the consignment at the sender’s address or at a pre-arranged place in accordance with the order for transportation.
2. Upon collecting the consingment, ER-TRANS representative/courier issues a consignment note, that has been correctly filled and signed by both parties (by sender as well as courier).
3. Transport usually takes no more than 4-6 working days, the consignment is handed over to a particular recipient at a prearanged address.
4. Upon collecting the consignment, ER-TRANS courier records date and time of collection on the consignment note. Sender confirms that consignment has been collected with a signature.
5. Prior to collection or delivery we will contact the sender or consignee at least one day in advance. Should the called remain unavailable, we will leave a voicemail or send a SMS.
6. In case the consignee is unavailable to accept the delivery, we will leave a notification of attempted delivery. The consignment may be re-delivered to ER-TRANS following the agreement of both parties. In such a case, the recipient will be charged extra fee payable directly to ER-TRANS representative/courier.
7. If it is not possible, due various reasons, to deliver the shipment, ER-TRANS representative/courier shall inform the sender and shall agrees on further steps.

Rates and payment

1. The price is determined by a predefined price list at the time of the order, agreed by both parties.
2. The carrier is entitled to modify the price list. In case the rate is calculated by billable weight, that rate is also conclusive for MV Parcel representative.
3. Shipping rate is also determined by place of collection and/or delivery in England.
4. As a form of payment, we only accept cash with the exception of private entities. Following the agreement by both parties, private entities may be issued invoice payable within 10 days.  

Excluded from transportation

MV Parcel Service company does not carry live animals, dangerous, flammable, pyrophoric and other explosive substances, weapons, firearm cartridges, chemical, toxic and radioactive substances and other life-threatening substances. We never carry cigarettes and alcohol. The sender takes responsibility for the contents of the consignment also correctly stated on the consignment note. In the event that the content of the consignment does not correspond with the contents stated on the consignment note, ER-TRANS Service Company can excercise the right of withdrawal from the contract and consignment is returned to the sender at sender’s own expense. The sender automatically looses right  to make a claim in case of any damage to the consignment.

Claims procedure

In the event of a claim, the sender is obliged to notify the carrier within two working days from the date of collection.

Final provisions

1. A business relationship between both parties is subjected to Slovak legal system.
2. The sender acknowledges agreed trading terms and conditions upon acceptance of a consignment note by MV Parcel Service representative.
3. If the shipment is subject to the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road signed in Geneva on 19.5.1956, the provisions of this Convention shall prevail over the provisions of these terms and conditions that are contrary to the provisions of the Convention.

MV Parcel – shipping and delivery service for everyone

  Cheap, fast and reliable transportation and delivery of parcels, packages and goods from England to Slovakia, Czech Republic and back.

  No unnecessary handling, or transhipment reducing the risk of damage

  Special rates apply when moving home. Home delivery, or collection at prearanged place.

  Shipments of all types of luggage including suitcases, backpacks, bags with allowed content for carriage

  Shipments tracking through direct contact with your courier.

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